TrainArt Consulting - one of the older HR consulting firm in Germany

TrainArt Consulting has been founded October 3, 1989 as a one-person company. The legal entity was changed into a GmbH in 1991. The GmbH has been and still is privately hold. TrainArt Consulting holds 50% of the trademark TrainArt

Being continuously on the market since the foundation, we are one of the older HR consulting firm in Germany. Specifically, our concentration on the IT industry and IT professions was kind of an innovation at that time. Nowadays, orders receive us from any type of industry, and for any profession. However, IT related recruitings are still at about 70%.

Likewise, we were offering seminars and trainings for different target groups, any type of business, and different professions right from beginning. The Image Consulting division, a trade mark of TrainArt Consulting, focuses its activities on consulting and performing personnel development tasks, specifically for those, who have representative assignments. Everyone who has personal customer contact and Managers belong to that group of people. 

Owner and Managing Directors

Norbert Möhring is the sole owner of TrainArt Consulting GmbH. He is founding partner of TrainArt, Sozietät für Coaching, Training und Beratung. 

Rita Schulze-Möhring is Managing Director, too. She is with the company since its foundation

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